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That has been the root of what I've felt as a whole for awhile.
Not tragically lost. Just not being looked for.
Misplaced in a way that something is not where it should be, where it was made to be, but no one really noticed enough to realize or look. But today God got me alone and said something to me.
And I don't want to forget what I heard.

He said, "Don't worry about the rush of this world.
Everyone is constantly going, but no one is getting anywhere fast. You know you are set apart, Carly Lynn.
You know this.
You know My voice.
You know My promises.
They are written in your handwriting, the handwriting that I gave you, all over every journal you have. All over every piece of paper you can find and they're written all over your heart.

The busy, the chaos, the restlessness of what everyone else claims as just everyday "life"?
 That standard was not made by Me.

Instead, be here.

Be here. Be all here. And just be. Be bent. Be broken. Be confused. Be angry. Be scared. Be everything you are. But without the act or the mask. Bring everything you have to bring. And let's talk. 

I will show you what you've been missing. If your soul feels odd, if something feels off, I am always what's missing. You run to so many things when things feel wrong. So, my love, won't you write one more thing upon your heart in permanent ink? When your plans fail, when your heart breaks, when you have been given all that you are sure you can take, try always running to Me first. I guarantee things won't feel as wrong for long. When you are in sync with Me, you can be thrown in even the most treacherous, troubling things and it will still feel right in your soul."

So I suppose I am misplaced.
Beautifully misplaced.
Just as He has intended me to be.

NOTE TO SELF: God does not forget.God does not misplace.

So, if it feels like God is far away, guess who moved?

carly lynn. xo