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Choose Me Second.

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Your love story? I know the author of it. 
And so do you.
So why do you keep trying to write it yourself?

God knows who He is sending your way.
He knows when and where and how they'll get there.

God is sovereign over everything.
Which means He has orchestrated who you've left behind,
and it means He has already arranged who is to stay.

God has so many times whispered to me to just let it be.
This is where I rest.
And, if a person for me is out there, I pray he's preparing and praying and prospering for the King, before he is for me.

But what it really all comes down to is a choice. It’s two people who make a habit. Not the dreadful kind. Not the kind you have to kick.
It’s the best, most beautiful kind. The best habit you’ll ever make.
If you choose to make it. If you commit to keeping it.
It’s two people, who effortlessly become fluent in picking each other, each and every time, each and every day, on purpose. Out loud. In bold. Always.

Choose me now, even when you're not here yet. Choose me when I'm with you, choose me when I'm in your arms, but most importantly; choose me when you can't see me or feel me. If you choose me at all, I’ll know by how you choose to choose me when I'm not around.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a romantic. Romance is one of my favorite things to get caught up in and to make dreams about. But as of lately, I’ve realized and I’ve learned the hard way that it takes a lot more than that.

Chemistry, romance, intention; they can all be there.

In real life, outside the movie screens and magazines, love requires a lot more than what you see in your favorite rom-com. In real life, there's no editing, you don't get to pick the lighting, there are no deleted scenes and love, the good kind, the kind that endures and lasts and stays; is authentic and real without a filter. It doesn't need one.

And the only way to make love look good without a filter is to plant both parties' hearts in His soul. Hearts with roots that are rooted in a foundation of faith and kept in Jesus’ possession at all times. 

Outside of that is where everything gets broken.

So if I do have someone on their way someday, here's what I say: choose me. But choose me second. Choose God first always and let everything else come after. It's hard work, it's compassion, it's understanding and communication and most importantly, it's a choice. A choice that always starts with Christ.

If you want to make it work with someone, if you want to build a life, if you want to really do life together: choose them.

And you do that by choosing God first.

carly lynn. xo