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That has been the root of what I've felt as a whole for awhile.
Not tragically lost. Just not really being looked for.
Misplaced in the way that something is not really where it should be, where it was made to be, but no one really noticed enough to notice. But today God got me alone and said something to me.
And I don't want to forget what I heard.

He said, "Don't worry about the rush of this world.
Everyone is constantly going, but no one is getting anywhere fast. 
You are set apart. So embrace it.
You must fall in love with being different instead of always striving to be the same.
You know My word.
You know My voice.
You know My promises.
They are written in your handwriting, all over every journal you have.
They are written in between the lines of everything you say and they speak without words through everything you do and they're written in all caps all over every heart that comes in contact with yours.

The busy, the chaos, the restlessness of what everyone else claims as just everyday "life"?
 That standard was not made by Me.

Instead, be here.

Be here. Be all here. And just be. Be bent. Be broken. Be confused. Be angry. Be scared. Be everything you are. But without the act or the mask. Bring everything you have to bring. And let's talk. 

I will show you what you've been missing. If your soul feels odd, if something feels off, I am always what's missing. You run to so many things when things feel wrong. So, my love, won't you write one more thing upon your heart in permanent ink? When your plans fail, when your heart breaks, when you have been given all that you are sure you can take, try always running to Me first. I guarantee things won't feel as wrong for long. When you are in sync with Me, you can be thrown in even the most treacherous, troubling things and it will still feel right in your soul."

So I suppose I am misplaced.
Beautifully misplaced.
Just as He has intended me to be.

NOTE TO SELF: God does not forget. God does not misplace.

So, if it feels like God is far away, guess who moved?

carly lynn. xo

Rising From Wreckage.

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So, they let you down.
didn’t they?

Someone broke you.
Someone shattered your pieces.
Someone probably promised they’d never leave.
Promised their hands would never do anything
but piece you together and keep you that way.
Always and forever. Or whatever.
Promised they’d never forget.


Until they did. Until they forgot. Until they left. Until they destroyed. 

I bet they talked a lot of talk and I bet you were skeptical, I bet you were doing the best you could trying to guard your heart. I bet you had your guard up, I bet you were uneasy.

So I bet they kept talking a lot of talk until you believed them. Until they had you wrapped around their finger. Until they intentionally had you hopelessly holding onto words with no weight. I bet they talked a lot of talk until they started walking. And then the walk they started walking, didn't match the talk they've been talking.

And now instead of a hand to hold, all you have are words. Combinations of letters that formed sentences making promises that appeared strong and mighty, until you got up close and watched them get swept away like a box with nothing in it on a windy day. 

Empty. Weightless. Unstable.

They walked away, they disappeared and the only thing you see or feel now is the wicked path of destruction left behind them on their way out. So what do you do with the wreckage? 

Try to hide it? Bury it? Burn it?

Try to distract yourself? Try to unwind yourself? 
Try to rewind and re-find yourself? 


And when it doesn’t work, 
when all of your best efforts to fix yourself don’t work; 
What do you do?
Where do you go?

The Cross.

But here's what most people won't tell you. 
Your wreckage doesn't have to be the remains of a relationship.
Your wreckage doesn't have to be the doing of someone else.
Many times our wreckage is our own doing.

Many times, too many times, the weightless words and broken promises we hold onto come from the whispers of the enemy, who dwells and revels in you drowning in your own mess.

Your wreckage doesn't have to be the end of your story.

Don't you see?
It can be the beginning.
Wake up. Rise up. Get up.
Look up.

I know someone Who specializes in wreckage control.
And He's already on the scene.
He always has been. All He's waiting on is you.
To come to the end of yourself.
To stop pretending. To stop putting on such a show.
To admit you can't do it on your own.

But I bet you never noticed.
I bet you've been so distracted by the words that looked pretty with no meaning, with no weight, that you didn't see Him.
Or feel Him. Or hear Him. I bet you were too distracted by what has never filled you up to see or sink your teeth into what forever will.

So, how long are you going to let it go on?

How long are you going to let yourself be distracted by what is never going to fill you up?

How long are you going to tune Him out?

God didn't forget about you. And no matter how many times darkness tries to convince you that He has, no matter how many times your emotions cloud your judgement and work to persuade you into thinking that you are alone: remember this.
Remember what I'm telling you.
Remember that no matter how far you've run,
no matter how long you've been gone,
no matter how deep you've fallen into the wreckage;
remember what is always in reach.
Remember to look up.

Just look up. Please. Remember.

He meets us where we are.
And His promises? They have more weight than any of us
could ever begin to even comprehend. And those words?
Those are the only words that I choose to hold on to.
They have never failed me. They have never not taken my breath away.
And they continue to always take what should never stay away.

And they are my rise in each and every wreckage.

carly lynn. xo

Revelation 21:5.

Choose Me Second.

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Your love story? I know the author of it. 
And so do you.
So why do you keep trying to write it yourself?

God knows who He is sending your way.
He knows when and where and how they'll get there.

God is sovereign over everything.
Which means He has orchestrated who you've left behind,
and it means He has already arranged who is to stay.

God has so many times whispered to me to just let it be.
This is where I rest.
And, if a person for me is out there, I pray he's preparing and praying and prospering for the King, before he is for me.

But what it really all comes down to is a choice. It’s two people who make a habit. Not the dreadful kind. Not the kind you have to kick.
It’s the best, most beautiful kind. The best habit you’ll ever make.
If you choose to make it. If you commit to keeping it.
It’s two people, who effortlessly become fluent in picking each other, each and every time, each and every day, on purpose. Out loud. In bold. Always.

Choose me now, even when you're not here yet. Choose me when I'm with you, choose me when I'm in your arms, but most importantly; choose me when you can't see me or feel me. If you choose me at all, I’ll know by how you choose to choose me when I'm not around.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a romantic. Romance is one of my favorite things to get caught up in and to make dreams about. But as of lately, I’ve realized and I’ve learned the hard way that it takes a lot more than that.

Chemistry, romance, intention; they can all be there.

In real life, outside the movie screens and magazines, love requires a lot more than what you see in your favorite rom-com. In real life, there's no editing, you don't get to pick the lighting, there are no deleted scenes and love, the good kind, the kind that endures and lasts and stays; is authentic and real without a filter. It doesn't need one.

And the only way to make love look good without a filter is to plant both parties' hearts in His soul. Hearts with roots that are rooted in a foundation of faith and kept in Jesus’ possession at all times. 

Outside of that is where everything gets broken.

So if I do have someone on their way someday, here's what I say: choose me. But choose me second. Choose God first always and let everything else come after. It's hard work, it's compassion, it's understanding and communication and most importantly, it's a choice. A choice that always starts with Christ.

If you want to make it work with someone, if you want to build a life, if you want to really do life together: choose them.

And you do that by choosing God first.

carly lynn. xo